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bouteille lubrifiant

Ingredients and services for the formulation

of lubricants and industrial fluids


Tackifiers are additives that confer a tack, or stringiness, to a substance and are typically used to provide adherence in fluid lubricants and stringiness in grease.
Thickeners give additional body to greases and fluid lubricants. Both tackifiers and thickeners also provide drop resistance and serve to inhibit stray mist in pneumatic system lubricants.

FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS INC. offers an extensive line of tackifiers for various systems and applications. We can propose to you mineral oil, vegetable oil, and latex based products, but custom products are also our specialty. If your needs require a formulation which is not available in our standard line, we will be happy to create a custom tackifier to meet your needs.

If you require further information such as product technical data sheets and safety data sheets please contact our sales office or send us your request from our contact page.