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bouteille lubrifiant

Ingredients and services for the formulation

of lubricants and industrial fluids

Lumar History

Lumar Group was born from the meeting of professionals of lubricant industry. It is a privately owned company, with individual shareholders. With its different subsidiaries, Lumar is present in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy through Lumar Deutschland (Stuttgart), Lumar France (Paris), Lumar Quimica (Barcelona) and Lumar Italia (Milano).

Lumar Quimica was created in Barcelona in the early 90s to commercialize lubricant additives and corrosion inhibitors in Spain and Portugal, primarily in the industrial lubricant market.

Lumar developed progressively its activity with other products and built a broad range of base fluids (esters, PAGs, PAOs, ...) and specialty chemicals (antioxidants, thickeners, emulsifiers, antiwear additives, ..) for the formulation of lubricants.

Development was continued by offering our products to industrial fluids formulators (quenching fluids, detergents, hydraulic fluids, coolants, heat transfer fluids, demoulding agents, )

Lumar products and services are proposed to customers :

A Europe-South-East Export Department is in charge of sales in South and South-East Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, ...)
A Europe-North-East Export Department is in charge of sales in North and North-East Europe (Germany, Poland, United-Kingdom, Scandinavia, ...)