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bouteille lubrifiant

Ingredients and services for the formulation

of lubricants and industrial fluids

Petrochemical esters for lubricants

With the development of gas turbine engines during and after the Second World War, it became clear that mineral oils could not adequately fulfill the more severe requirements of this application. Synthetic esters, initially di-esters and at a later stage polyol-esters, were developed to meet these requirements.
Lumar synthetic esters are extremely efficient for the formulation of automotive oils, high temperature chain oils, gear lubricants, compressor oils and hydraulic fluids.
They are also widely used in plastics industry and detergency.

Di esters

Phtalate esters

  • - Di 2 ethyl-hexyl adipate
  • - Di iso decyl adipate
  • - Di iso tridecyl adipate
  • - Di iso decyl azelate
  • - Di iso tridecyl dodecanedioate
  • - Di iso decyl sebacate
  • - Di octyl sebacate
  • - Di iso decyl phtalate
  • - Di iso tridecyl phthalate

Trimellitate esters

  • - Iso octyl trimellitate
  • - Iso decyl trimellitate
  • - Iso tridecyl trimellitate
  • - N & iso heptyl, octyl, nonyl trimellitate
  • - N & iso octyl,decyl trimellitate
  • - N & iso nonyl, undecyl trimellitate
  • - 2 ethyl-hexyl trimellitate
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