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Ingredients and services for the formulation

of lubricants and industrial fluids

Foam control agents

In modern industrial fluids and lubricants, air is often entrained in the liquid phase and stabilized by the presence in the formulation of surfactants or additives which have emulsifying properties. This leads to the presence of undesirable foam and to unwanted negative effects, such as reduction of machine speed, loss of power, reduced lubricity, increased friction and reduced life for tools and equipment.
In these formulations, addition of defoamers is necessary in order to destroy foam or to prevent its formation.
Choosing the right antifoam is not always easy, because different constraints have to be considered (compatibility with the base fluid, efficiency (function of surface activity), long term stability, good filterability, etc…). At Lumar we are able to help you in selecting the most effective defoamer for your application.

Lumar is offering several antifoams suitable for water miscible fluids and neat oils, including:

If you require further information such as product technical data sheets and safety data sheets please contact our sales office or send us your request from our contact page.